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Single Mammas: You Are More Than Enough, Always!

Dear Single Mammas,

I firstly want to say how amazing you all are, whether out of choice or circumstances beyond control; you are all warrior women and I see you!

I am childfree and do not walk in your daily shoes but I see you and love you exactly as you are. I see how hard it is for you trying to find your place in between a sea of child free friends and coupled parent friends. I see you worrying about the intentions and perceptions of others while measuring your self worth against theirs...know that you are more than enough, always! 

I want you to know that asking for help and/or taking up help is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty for...even if your thoughts may tell you otherwise. Receiving and/or asking for help is absolutely no reflection on your abilities as a single parent, you are more than enough, always! It is hard to be vulnerable, to reveal your needs and fears is even harder when you have been let down and/or so used to going it alone...that is understandable; trust t…

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